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#HookupHorrorStories Announcements!

Hey y'all!

(I have no idea why I say 'y'all' so much. I have never spent any tine in the south, and I sure didn't have many southerners in my family circle. I guess it's just an easy, noninvasive intro to you, the visitors.) *shrugs*

I digress.

It is I, Demi of the Wylde Hearted, and I have come with tidings of great joy and excitement. If you weren't already aware, there is a new episode of #HookupHorrorStories out now where I and my friend (and repeat podcast deviant) De'Vannon Hubert, spend an hour poring over every moment of the new Dahmer series.

Think of it as a crossover special with the Sex, Drugs, & Jesus Podcast, just in time for Halloween.

You can watch the video version and highlights right now on my YouTube channel, while audio podcast lovers can still listen on their favorite podcast apps, such as our friends over at GoodPods - the world's first podcast social app! Go check them out and stream it now!

But wait... There's more.

I've been working ever so quietly and diligently to bring you bigger, better, and bolder episodes for season 2 and I'm just about to release! (Ah, sweet release...) That's right, season 2 has an official release date! And that is... *drumroll*

Friday November 11, 2022!

That's right, HHS is now a Friday show! New episodes are out every Friday for the rest of the year. But wait... That's not all.

Every Friday you can catch live HHS chats on the The MON App. That's right, I'll be hosting a weekly chat on MON every Friday, and doing live episode recordings directly with our freaky little community, starting THIS FRIDAY, October 28th at 4:20pm. BRING BLUNTS!!(Fear not, Android users, MON is now available for you guys, too.)

Anyways, I'm so excited to be bringing you more fun, engaging content and actually getting to spend time with you and discuss our favorite topics. Your weekends just got a little better. Can't wait to see you guys there!

And remember,

Stay deviant.



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