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#HookupHorrorStories Podcast Announcement!

Man... It's truly been a long time coming.

I started my #HookupHorrorStories podcast project little over two years ago, unfortunately timing, personal issues, and an unfortunate run-in with a scam artist created a cyclone of shit that essentially tanked the idea. So, I shelved it for a while.

I later attempted to record a couple test episodes in an audio story-telling format, which I loved! However, all that sound mixing, recording, and editing required hours and hours of work for barely a 10-12 minute episode. Again, I shelved the project.

Eventually I just began to chronicle my own #HookupHorrorStories in the form of a personal blog (more will be coming soon!) The process of writing and sharing these stories has been both therapeutic and enjoyable, and has allowed me to process certain experiences in the way that comes most natural to me, through writing. It even became the inspiration for my next book: "A Deviant's Guide to Sex" which you can find several chapters of right here.

But alas, 2022 is here and I've reformatted the show, and invited some friends to join me in sharing their experiences in sex and dating! And since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I figured there's no better day to release! That's right, February 14th, 2022 #HookupHorrorStories will be available to stream everywhere! I've already got a few episodes recorded and am so excited to share the fun stories my guests brought to the table - thank you again for being a part of this, I really appreciate it!

Goals for the show: I want this show to be a safe place for my guests to share their own (crazy/funny/awkward/traumatizing) stories, to show others who may have experienced similar things that they needn't be ashamed or alone, and to create an online community of proud #sexualdeviants centered around finding healing through laughter and shared experience. #deviantarmy

BTW - If anyone has a story they'd like to share on the show feel free to reach out! I'm always looking for new guests.

So anyways, that's basically it! Stay tuned to this site and the links to stream #HookupHorrorStories will be dropping very soon. I the meantime, HHS: The Deviant Diaries #7 should be posted by next week.

Stay deviant,


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