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"How It Feels For A Cuck" - #HookupHorrorStories episode 27 (Live) Show Notes

"'Cause you think that being a cuck is degrading

But secretly you'd love to know what it's like wouldn't you?" - Madonna

The first live episode of #HookupHorrorStories was a total success! Thanks to all the MŌNers who came out and made it fun.

I have the list of all the articles used in the news segment here:

I did not keep the reddit threads for the advice section this time, so I apologize about that. Sometimes they get deleted anyways; but I will attempt to keep those links in the future. One other thing, should I cut these sections up and post them as individual videos too? I was thinking of starting that, but hate giving myself extra work. But if someone told me they would really love it, I'd probably have reason. :)

Red Flags Live gave was so much fun. Thanks to my new friends on MŌN for participating! Next live recording is set for 12/16 - time TBD. (5:00/6:00pst)

See you next week, deviants!

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